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why is it that everyone but australia has unique cars.

i mean, a 2door camry coupe FAR OUT. if that was in australia i think everyone would be looking at it LOL.

that ride is definitely a cool one :lol: :lol:

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The Coupe was only made in 94-96, haha. Didn't sell well, so they hacked it. Then in '99 they came out with the Camry Solara (Basically a Camry Coupe, and also available as a Convertible), which sold really well, but now again it isn't, so they are going to be hacking it soon......Gotta love it.

Yes, the engine is a 1MZ-FE V6. Our Camry's here in the US only had the 3VZ-FE in 92/93, and 94+ was the 1MZ.

No Dyno results on his car yet, but he probably will in a couple months. I;m going to guess it's around 200whp and 210ft-lbs of torque. It;s an Automatic which kills it. He has a full performance exhaust which helps the power. My car is about 190whp and 200ft-lbs and an Automatic. My friends '94 sedan is a 5-speed manual and putting down about 270whp and about the same torque.

Relish, buy me a damn plane ticket. :-P

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^ I;ve only heard of 1 oe 2 SC 3VZ's, and it's a little harder, lol. And you need a standalone ECU. :-P Switch the fuel rails to 1MZ (I think), and need to deal with switching the IAC to the throttle body somehow......

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