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Camry 1990

Peter David

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Hello all proud owners of Toyota vehicles,

I have my Camry since February this year, it runs beautiful, up until about 6 weeks ago, 5th gear would automatically slip out when i let go of the accelerator, long drives on the freeway wasn't so bad, as i would always have my foot on the accelerator, but for about 6 weeks now, as soon as i place the gear in 5th, and release the clutch, it slips out, so i now need to hold it in gear.

Any suggestions of what the repair might consist of?

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is there any crunching or resistance as you place it into 5th? or does it only slip out once the clutch is engaged?

if there's not crunching or resistance, and the clutch isn't slipping at all, it sounds to me as though the actual gear itself has shat itself.

i would take it to a transmission specialist and have them check it out. transmissions are bloody complicated things, and i doubt many people on here actually know how they work, even if they blabber on about it (including myself :P )

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There is no noise of any kind at the time it slips out, what i find strange, is that the clutch is fully engaged, and i personally would expect some sort of grind for the gear to come out, but there isnt any kind of noise, it just slips out fast and clean.

I without a doubt know i wouldnt be able to fix it myself, just thought i would post my problem here and try my luck, maybe there is someone familiar with this problem, and an approx cost behind the repair.

Also i want to know if i am better off reconditioning the gear box, or just replacing it completely.

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