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ZRE152 satnav?

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i find this link of the aurion section and found this thought u new rolla owners out there would be interested.




Hmmm Nice, but i still would prefer the Pioneer Nav Xtra :rolleyes: if i had the spare 1 grand around :P lol


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I got quoted $950 for one this week from Auspack (which included "free" freight to brissy).

They look the goods, and I am seriously tempted to start saving for one, but after doing some digging I have a few reservations.

I am yet to find on the net someone who has actually installed one (it's never good being a full paying guinea pig). This means that the only pictures I have seen are of foreign Corollas (possibly photochops), so I don't know if the plastic colour or button back lighting colour will be as per oem (which is important when your trying to get that factory fitted feel).

It seems that some have been having trouble updating the GPS software/maps with the VW Golf units, due to the age of the firmware/os.

Where the heck can you fit the reversing camera on a Corolla without hacking up metal or doing irreversible damage to plastic bits?

Supposedly, Auspack will only honour the 1yr warranty if you have the unit professionally installed? This adds another few hundred dollars onto the price, and seeing as I am a keen DIY'er I wanted to install it myself.

These few things have made me put getting one of these on the backburner for now.

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Well from the look of it, i believe it replaces the whole factory headunit surround piece (which iv anyone gets this, ill happily purchase off them :D). For the professional wiring ask Toyota and stuff about it, cos they would be the best place to go, I went to my Toyota dealer with all my enquiries and they usually tell me wat i need to know.

But for that price you can get the Pioneer Nav Xtra for the same price which is a full blown Entertainment unit.

But if someone ends up purchasing one of these, I'll congratuate ya and hope it turns out good


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These are great units and ive seen these and others on ebay.I actually bought one thse from ebay and after more investigation

be aware that ALL of these units will only fit ZRE152 Sedan only! Hatch has a different infill size :D Anyway seller conceeded these

do not fit hatch and gave me refund prior to posting the unit.Shame i would have liked one these units as the portable units (navman)

sit too far away from the driver (deep dash) :(

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