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Engine Turning off - Camry 2004 3.0L


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I am using Camry Altise 3.0L - 2004.I am getting problem when I start the car in the morning,the engine turning off after few seconds...if I press the accelerator for one minute,then engine become steady.I have changed the battery recently.Can anyone help me ?



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because you have said that the engine is fine to drive after revving it, rules out any problem with connectors on the coils or the alternator.

so, i'm thinking it would be either insufficient fuel reaching the injectors when cold (because injectors have different spray patterns during cold starts than warm starts), or you have a vacuum leak in the intake manifold or throttle body.

is it only when the engine is cold that it does this, or even after driving for 30 mins? if its both, then i would think its that the injectors are faulty or leaking. either way, the injectors are a probable cause of it.

if and when you decide to take it to a mechanic, ask him to check out the above. they would be the most obvious causes if they are it.

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I used the injector cleaner... cleans up the injectors very well (runs a bit rough for a few days, but meh).

It's quite possible that it's a coincidence that your battery change has anything to do with it. As mentioned, you either have an injector problem, maybe spark plugs/leads have an issue (I don't see how it would be this problem due to the fact that the problem would be happening regardless of the temp).

Fuel filter is a slight possibility...

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