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Racing Cooling Panels(same as C-one)


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a few of us sydney guys has been waiting for a few months.. i think.. or maybe a couple...


jan is finishing soon...

sb.. some news plzzzzzz

i think JJCRU23R and YDOIT4 4got about this GB already.. LOL



i pmd sb bout this last week!?! (i think it was last week?!)

but yea weve been waiting for months already... whats another week ? or another week after that?

if you stop checking up this thread 3 times a day, every single day (like i have) , then youll feel a whole lot more happier the moment SB says "your cooling panel has been sent!"

but yea im still waiting 4 my frikken cooling panel!

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Good news kids!! The panels are ready and finished so Monday I will be picking them up so for those who need to pay me the remainder of the amount and also for postage I willl PM you shortly to get this happening.

Postage will be done differentyl to last time as these will NOT be going missing so costs may be a little more.

Talk to you all soon.


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geez after all this time, if it only costs like 3 bucks more then whats the problem ? pay the lil bit extra..

the reason i decided to recieve mine together with yours is so i could save a couple bucks!


im just gonna be thankful i got em.. even though its taken this long

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guys I have the panels in my possession and just need addresses and if you want it sent directly to you or packaged up with someone else's.

Postage will be by registered mail which is more expensive but still only at max $12 which isn't a lot and guaranteed to arrive unlike last time.

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well wateva is cheaper i guess if its cheaper to send all to one place then as we organised previously we can just send it to my place and i can ring everyone once they arrive and meetup that night whereever and hand em out i dont mind either way wateva is easier for everyone else

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Fellas i have received the panels so if u want to come and pick them up tomorrow would be great i dont finish work till late and i have to see my gf 2nite so can bring the panels to ur houses when u r available 2moro

PM me your address and mobile number and ill come past ur place whenever it suits u

Talk to you soon :clap:

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