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getting an aristo?


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hey guys.. yea as my topic says, im looking at an aristo. it is the lexus model but im sure there isnt too much of a difference.

i have a few questions about them..

it has the 2J twin turbo motor and is an auto.

does anyone know any details about them? is the lexus brand imported? strong motor/box?

can anyone compare the car equally to something? i havent been in it yet but i want to know what to expect.

also if anyone has any, put up a pic for me ;)

any bodykits available for them? if so, where?

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Aristos were never available in australia, too small a market.

The motor and gear box are the best to ever come out of japan.

Aristos tend to be a bit on the heavy side and the suspension is firmly rated at the luxury end of the scale...

The good news is its an import it can be modified beyond belief......

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Aristos were never available in australia, too small a market.

They were never available anywhere in the world except for Japan......plenty of places in the world got them as the Lexus GS though (Toyota didn't release Lexus as a brand in Japan until recently, which is why most Lexus models have a Toyota Japanese market equivalent: IS = Altezza, GS = Aristo, LS = Celsior, SC = Soarer (although the Soarer didn't get a Lexus equivalent until the JZZ30 series), ES = Windom etc etc)

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ive got a JZS147, 3.0L twin turbo.

absolutely faultless car.

few minor issues with ball joints that are common, and electric seat runners can stuff up, but besides that, they are a great car.

Mine is a mid 1995 model, and in my opinion, the thing drives and feels better than any comparable 90's commo/falcon. My mate has a BA falcon (2001?) and even he says the aristo is a better car to drive and be in than that!

countless amounts of aftermarket parts available for them from japan too. coil overs, turbo kits, wheels, body kits, etc, etc you name it!

you wont be dissapointed mate.

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