HOWTO: install parking sensors

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I hope this helps...

Parking Sensor Install Guide for

Camry 2005 & 2006

Note: This page contains guide and tips only. Any damages or risks during installing are on your own risk.


Parking sensors can be purchased from Ebay or any local shops.

I purchased a set with 4 sensors only for rear bumper.

PS. I have done 2004 camry 4cyl and 2005 camry V6 and they are all same.

Click the images for full sized picture.

1. Open your trunk. Measure the centre line and make marks for sensors on the bumper.

* I used paper tape to make some marks on it. Sensors should be placed about 45~60CM high from the ground.




2. Now we have to take the bumper off but it is a bit tricky.



Remove a screw from the wheel house.



After handles removed, remove the plastic cover by it pulling up.



Do this step in both right & left side.

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Now, all screws and clips have been removed. Take your bumper off with care.

3. Drill your bumper & put the sensors in..

Make holes with hole saw where we have marked in stage 1.

Hole saw normally comes with the parking sensor package.

If not, make sure to use proper hole saw to prevent the holes are being too big or small.


If the sensors are directional, make sure the 'UP' sign is upside.

Make sure all the sensors are placed as horizontal with ground.


Arrange your cable with using cable tie & duct tape.

4. Test & connet the main power unit with tail light.


Connect the main unit of parking sensor with tail light which is turned on when you reverse.


Test the main unit, dispaly and each sensor to make sure they are all working fine.

5. Put your bumper back & place the main parking sensor unit.


Put all the cables into the trunk through the hole with rubber cap or the air flow terminal.

I put all the cables in through the air flow terminal because the cables are not long enough.

Place the main unit and arrange all the cables.

Put your bumper back.

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6. Connect the display with main unit & hide the cable inside the car.


The display cable passes through from the hole you can see on the picture to side of left rear passenger side.

(This way does not require taking the back seat off. If you want tidy job, you can take the back seat off and arrange the cable.)



Hide the cable underneath rubber and plastic covers.

Warning! If you have side curtain airbag, make sure the wire go above the side curtain airbag so it won't be blocking the side curtain airbag release.


Don't forget to place your display.

I put my display on the room mirror but it is upto you.

You can place the display anywhere you like.


Now, parking sensor installation is done.

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