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Km's on a full tank

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Warning lamp comes on after about 600 if im city driving if im freeway I can get about 750 maybe 800 at a push but thats staying out of lift :P

Bear in mind though, city driving for me is 70% freeway (M5) traffic to contend with but you still get to cruise a bit, if I was driving like Paramatta Rd or something my fuel economy would go to ****.

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1st tank of fuel 7.8 l/100km :)

2nd tank of fuel 8.4 l/100km <_<

i'm usually getting 550-600km a tank of fuel. almost 600 when i hardly use lift. when i use lift a bit..i get 500km. :(

and i'll be using octane boost every 2,000km. that's 1 tank out of 4 with about 100RON ;) :D

every single tank of fuel i write down how many km's and so on.

i've even got a spreadsheet if anyone is interested.

lucio_libre: that avatar is just way too distracting...must you torture us? ;)

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My best is 740km (98% highway). Toyota say should get 8.5 l/100 (combined) but the best I can do is 8l/100 all highway.

Red Fuel light seems to come on very early, with about 10 litres still in tank. Although its bad for the car, I drove 80l on red light then still had 5 litres left. was in the country late at night and fuel stations had closed.

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First tank, 620Klms, both city and freeway. Filled up only 49lt, has more to go, now on second tank. Up to 900Klms, used 1/4 tank. Gave a bit to enjoy lift zone. Pretty good.

What fuel economy is quoted by manufacturers is always conservative, if you get anywhere near it, your doing great. :D

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Just wanna get an idea on how many K's should the rolla do on a full tank?

How many k's does ur car do on a full tank?

What model rolla are we talking about??? KE20, KE55, AE71, AE102, ZZE122?

In my blown AE82, i get around 400-450km from a 40l tank, that's city/country mix with a bit of spirited driving thrown in. I've never done a purely highway run, but i'd imagine i'd get a tad over 500kms.

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Thanks mate. It's a picture of Liverpool footballers Robbie Fowler and Steve McMannaman taken in 1996(?). Robbie Fowler had been accussed of using cocaine, so after scoring a goal at Everton(the local rival club), he proceeded to taunt the Everton fans by snorting the touch line :lol:

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When i used a bottle of octane boost i got more km's out of the tank...even when i drove it harder than normal. i was very surprised i got more when driving it a little hard. maybe having a higher octane fuel makes the car run more efficiently.

i've planned to use octane boost ONCE every 5,000kms. ;)


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Yup, I remember that. I've been a Liverpool fans since John Barnes and Ian Rush days. What about you OneCamMan?

Yeah, i've been a Liverpool fan since i was a little kid. I went to Anfield in December 2001 to watch them play Ar5enal, but unfortunately they lost 2-1 :(

Edit - This language filter/blocker is so stupid. I can't even type the name a freaking football club :rolleyes:

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Woah, you actually watched them live!

I met them when they came to Singapore a few years back. Shook the hands of Emile Heskey and Dudek. But the best part was meeting Ian Rush...he looked so different without his trademark moustache.

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You must be driving the car hard GZE_Bandit to be only getting just over 400km. I average 550km plus with city driving. And premium is the only fuel to use.

Supercharged = super fuel usage :)

same here.. the old 4A engines are a simple design..

any unburn fuel just pops out of the exhaust :lol:

you guys have vvti and all this fuel effeciency crap in the new motors

all we have is inject, fire, waste

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