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TRD cat-back system


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Actually I've been thinking about to do some performance mod and start with a full cat-back system - especially the TRD one which I saw from TN + a custom header (which I think should be around $3xx ish, hopefully). Total cost should probably be nothing more than $1500.

But then I read something about a CAMCON VVTI controller again in TN.

Now I'm thinking, whether to go for the controller or the exhaust? It seems like the controller is a lot cheaper, ~$400 ish - Getting all together doesn't seems an option just yet.

So here is the questions,

- Have anyone ever used a VVTI controller in an Aurion?

- How much gain in performance could be expected?

- Which one will give a better ratio in terms of performance per dollar?

Share ur thought fellas :)

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mate im running pretty much identical to a trd system atm. no center muffler then split into 2 duel oval free flowing mufflers. no gains really not that i can notice. sounds mint tho!

as for valve timer im not sure how that will go but really keen to find out


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For the Aurion, placing it on a untouched engine, I don't think either option is going to provide much benefit. The exhaust would sound pretty nice though.

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I've heard that CES are developing an exhaust system..

my advice is that if you're looking for real gains, wait till they finish developing it and see what they've done...

it'll end up costing a bit more, but this way, its a system with proven gains and you'll know what it is...

just my opinion...

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