2003 Prado Grande Dead Battery Effects

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I recently had a battery die (completely) overnight and after changing it, found a host of electrical control issues as follows:

1. The multi window control on the driver’s door only worked for the driver’s window.

2. The windows behaved differently only moving when the button was pushed instead of auto opening/closing at one touch of the switch as previous.

3. The sun roof only moved when the button was pushed and closing the roof was difficult as the switch had to be manually released when at the closed position, otherwise it would continue through to the other open condition (open up or open back).

This seems to be a software issue in the Body ECU. Does anybody know how this is rectified?

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Nothing wrong there, just loss of position memory. Doing one at a time, open a window fully, and continue to hold the switch after the window has fully opened for about 5 seconds. Do the same for closing. Same principle should apply for your sunroof as well.

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