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[SYD] Meet up friday 5th June

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Just seeing if anyone wants to meet up tonight or tomorrow night??

At the villawood spot around 2130-2200

Meet up and then figure out if we want to go somewhere afterwards.

post up any ideas and what day you prefer

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bummer i dont got the stivo tonight, its tucked away for tonight, tho i got the ford falcon lol, she needed pink slip today so took it to work and done it... i miss the stivooooo lol...

have fun anyway fellas

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I reckon the weather is going to be about the same tomorrow. We need an undercover meeting spot! LOL.

weather u'll prob find will be better tonight than tomorrow night from the looks on the tv

im about to head out there....if anyones up for it ill see ya there ;)

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How bout tonight guys noone has prob started drinking yet LOL more people will turn ip tonight !!!!!!! It's ritual last sat of the month

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