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S.o.O 2009


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LOL. Great prediction. I was already laughing at anyone who was supporting NSW. Now I see this and my jaw hurts.


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that disallowed try was abit unlucky... but yes, IMO QLD were too good unfortunately... nsw just had no halves combo, relying purely on individual skill or lack there of

as for my prediction, its just good to see a Wests Tigers player finally getting selected, thought i'd go abit further and have robbie get it LOL :wacko: :P

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Im a devoted nsw supporter...They should have given the benefit of the doubt on that try. Having said that, I still think the better team won last night.

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great game last night!! not because NSW won, ok maybe a little LoL :P , but mainly because it actually felt like a proper origin match

and how about the biffo towards the end... THATS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!! :angry:

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i wanna take hodges on...one on one...

i rekon i can take him hahahaha

u can tell that qld was gettin frustrated...mainly 4 the reason that they were being outplayed...

n how about the bomb off the penalty just so they could smash someone...LOVE IT

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