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Toyota Late 01 Corolla ZZE model (Side Mirror broken)

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Hi all,

I parked my car on the street overnight and when I found it in the morning someone has broken/smashed the driver side mirror housing from the body. Basically I have the mirror dangling on the side.

Just wondering where is the good place to find 2nd hand or aftermarket part for my car and how much will it cost to paint it to match the body color (Dark Blue Metallic)

Do I need to go to "Smashed and Repair" shop and get it done there or can I just go to any car servicing shop.

Thanks all,


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Genuine mirrors are all clip on covers that you can buy from Toyota already painted... They are a lousy $45 each - much cheaper than painting them...

Very easy to install, remove your door trim, unclip wiring connector, undo 3x 10mm nuts, remove old mirror, install new mirror and reverse the process :)

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where are you located? i have mirror covers from a similar model and of same colour(8P4) available if your interested

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oops my apologies, i misread the first post and thought you required just the covers..

best to buy from the eBay listing posted above or try your local `wreckers

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