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Aurion Towing a campervan


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Hi there,

I have bought a Jayco Camper not long ago and the Aurion pulls it failrly well. It weights approx 1300kg fully loaded but I do take it easy (but not grandpa style).

Fuel consumption seems to almost double. Usually (unloaded) the car uses around 8 ltrs/100km 95 ron on highway travel but when towing it seemst to nealry double between 14 - 16 ltrs/100km. Backing it off to traveling 100km/hr or sometimes less as per speed limits (when towing) seems to bring it down to 14.5 ltr/100km which is a happy figure for me. I will get more acurate figures with time.

The Aurion takes off fairly well (but expect at least double the time to get to 100km/hr). I feel if I take it too hard, the towbar would be reefed out of the back of the car (probably not likley).

I had an eletric brake controller fitted, not a major issue, but I knock it with my knee occasionally. It's located under the steering wheel to the left.

Not sure if the large jump in fuel consumption is due to the max torque being a higher rpm than other cars, or if that is just an expected figure due to the additional load being carried.

I will buy some load levelers soon not that they are a nessesity as the ball weight is around 100kg with changing the luggage distribution and the tail of the Aurion drops very little (about 1").

I previously towed a camper trailer (you know the trailer with a tent on top). That was light in comparison.

Anyway, this is just what I have found and just sharing my experiance if your interested down the track.



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The other day I saw the blue Aurion Sportivo towing a late model tandem commercial branded caravan, with that it was weighed down a little at the back. Personally I don’t think its ideal to tow a large van with FWD, but yours is ok.

Then I saw an ATX pulling a trailer sailer, quite a big one, and very heavy with the lead keel etc and the Aurions front was right up in the air, looked very silly.

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I have a Jayco Penguin which is a bit bigger and heavier than yours and I tow that with my SX6 no problem at all.

I do have load levellers and would strongly recommend them to you as making a hell of a difference to the overall "stiffness"

I am also having electrics fitted to activate the brakes. I've never had a problem pulling up in a short distance, but I drove a similar 5mtr caravan the other day with a car fitted out for electric brakes and was very impressed at how much better the overall braking control this feels.

The fuel consumption does go up for the obvious reasons, but it's all worth it when you get to wherever your going, pop your camper up and pull a beer out of the fridge - Ahhhhhhhhh :D

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, thats good to know.

And yes, after a big drive and the small effort in getting it all set up at the end, a beer goes down very well.

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