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04/05 Ascent Auto almost stall on stop

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Been test driving a couple of 05 auto corolla ascents today. One thing I was very concerned about was that both exhibited an engine shudder when coming to a complete stop. Almost as if the car was about to stall. Could be felt through both steering wheel and brake pedal.

The first car had me thinking it had been thrashed and was dodgy. Maybe a messed up clutch pack in the auto or something. The second made me think maybe this is normal for these cars.

I did a few searches here, and the most closely related thread seemed to be this old one. It didn't really come to any conclusions on what the issue was.

Some facts:

- it was pretty cold today - at least for Sydney ;)

- the cars both were driven long enough to get off choke. At least 15 mins. Can't say it's exact, but they seemed to be idling at about 600rpm. I'm not even familiar with the guages.

- in the 2nd car, it seemed much less vibration than the first one. I was wondering at one stage in the 2nd one if it was to do with brake shudder rather than engine itself, but even when stopped there was a light vibration that could be felt.

- both cars had low amounts of fuel in them. Stingy dealers... Fuel surge/starvation?

- Not sure if turning the steering wheel while coming to a stop (which would suck some power for the power steering) made any difference...

Can anyone help shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance

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I have an auto 05 ascent corolla sedan no problems at all.

it has been serviced every 5.000 kms by Toyota .

It has done 62.000kkms and still runs smooth as even starting first thing in the morning/

We might not get as cold as Sydney and the corolla is garaged.

I have also had the auto transmission serviced at 60,000kms as no one could tell me when the auto should be serviced.

I also never let the car run low on petrol.

So one thing i would be checking on is the service records

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Sorry probably not too clear above.

The shudder happened when stopped as well. You could feel the revs and shudder 'matching' if you can get what I mean through the wheel/pedal. Even the back/bum of the driver's seat in the 2nd one, though I was paying more attention that time.

It's not severe, but it's certainly something I'd never felt before. The closest I can describe it is being the same as driving a manual and you don't hit the clutch early enough when coming to a stop with your foot on the brake. That's exactly what it felt like, ie you're braking without hitting the clutch and the engine revs decrease and the engine starts to 'lug'. Then you hit the clutch and the revs come back up. This is why I thought the 1st one must have been flogged and had some problem with the auto trans/clutch packs.

That's what happened though, the revs came up a bit, but still seemed to be a bit low. The engine continued to lug/idle hunt even at a stop.

The service records were good, and they both had ~ mid 40K kms.


PS: I should note this is not severe shuddering; it's quite light, but I just hadn't felt that in an auto before.

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My AUTO car stalled once :P engine light n all came on..the revs just dropped way low .

the prob was the MAF :P cos i installed a CAI n the screws on the MAF wasnt really a good fit..

my mech(Damo101) changed some of the screws..its all good now :)

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I have a 06 rolla and when I cold start it and reverse out of my garage there is a really loud vibration noise. This continues to happen when accelerating slowly at first or when idling. However after its warmed up (say 10-15mins of driving) the noise goes away.

And I've also stalled it too haha but that was just me being a nub (in drive rolling down a hill cause I left something at home and didn't want to u-turn)


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Thanks for your replies.

Went hunting around the web...on many different searches and forums. Seems like it's not a common problem, but one that doesn't have any clear solutions.

Elsewhere on the web, could be:

- Intake/vacuum leaks

- throttle body clean

- IACV valve/ISCV valve

- intake gasket (and combination of above). Should throw CEL P0171 (System too lean) eventually. Cheap solution.

- Reflash ecu on some early-mid 2000 models

- MAF sensor; per the above link, if non-genuine MAF sensor, then possible. Clean MAF

- Engine/motor mounts? Seriously????

Useful TB/IAC maintenance thread/cleaning links here.

I think I'll take a couple more test drives, and pay a lot closer attention. I'm pretty sure the 2007 Ascent I drove didn't do it, but who knows. Oh well, maybe it's time for a serious look at the Mazda3....


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