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yet another new member


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Hi all

Just a little info about my self, 31yo Male living on the Gold Coast , Currently i dont own a toyota , but hopefully will in the next few months , although i have owned a 4agze ae85 trueno(and been a toyota fan since) , which was alot of fun

and im a kiwi but dont hold that against me :P

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welcome brew, eyn zid's alright, havnt behn there since i was tiiin tho :P :P

haha we wont hold it against u mate :D ...queenslands a winner, welcome to the club and good luck on the buy of your new toyota.

ps. id love to see some pics of your trueno if u have some mate

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ohhhh yes that looks awesome! so tidy....so hard to come by a good one these day...i bet u miss it

Yes, it was hard to sell it ..and yeah , rust loves them , so its hard to find good examples , mine was full of rust around the wheel archs and hatch and just a standard 1.5 carby ae85 when i brought it

anyway, thanks for your welcome guys

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welcome aboard...

because you're in qld, the only toyota you should be buying is an aurion.. :P hehe

we run this place up here!! :D

haha well if was looking at another six , then the aurion would be on my list

but i think im going down the 4 banger route this time

Speedz , Yeah as my trueno was a drift car i decided not to hack up ae86 , plus i found the ae85 cheap lol

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