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With the amount of spammers the site has been getting over the past few months would it be possible to introduce a system where the person signing up is required to give a location and is only approved once a mod has checked that such a place exists? To take the load off just one person activating the accounts could have it set so that any mod can investigate the new member.

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I agree something has to be done,the other morning with all that porn and it was pretty graphic :o ,was NOT what i expected when i logged on before work.... :blink:

thank fark the missus didn't see it...

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Why not just get one of those wobbly graphic/text things that need to be entered for the registration.


or before the user is allowed to post a reply/comment. might be a bit of a nuisance to the existing members but at least itll keep the spammers from posting.

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on some forums, they require you to answer some simple simple questions before you sign up

somewhere along the line of who is the maker of corolla and what not.. (i am sure there is a scipt for it) but that just eliminate all spam bots.. i think some of the suggestions above are pretty good :)

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I know on some other forums the first 10 posts of new members are moderated, ie the post need to be approved by a moderator before it is displayed on the forum.

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