Fuel consumption TOO HIGH what do I do?

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Very surprised you can't get 400km out of it.

Fuel consumption is about right on the money similar to mine if yours is also the AWD model, thing with this engine bring rev happy but lacks torque on pure highway speed I always get below 10L/100km (based on the onboard readings) but I have good tyres and pumped it to 40 psi.

I've also drove my Kluger in various terrain too including bogging it after snow melt!!!

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On 8/14/2009 at 11:50 PM, Toyopet said:

Hi there tpham,

I think there are two answers here. 1) City driving and 2) your wife.

I usually get around 12L / 100km with urban driving (somwhere in between city and country conditions) and have only achieved under 10L / 100km once with mainly country driving. The closer to the city and the more stop/start or heavy traffic driving, the worse your fuel consumption is going to be.

I always find that my wife gets worse fuel consumption than me. I notice that she is quicker on the take-off and does not "read" the traffic or signals ahead like I do. So she uses the brakes a lot more and is less likely to achieve a rolling start at an intersection. I guess this is why her fuel consumption is poor.

How are your tyre pressures? I keep mine in the high 30's

Oil change and fuel type? I don't know as I haven't tried.

Good luck.....

I totally agree with the "two answers".

Your mileage  with those two conditions is right around the ballpark. I have been getting constant 13.5 though with 75-25 City/Highway driving.

I was in Melbourne last week and did a 750 km run with one full tank (I use only CALTEX 91 ULP) and ended with a 8.0 l/100kms. Five passengers and a full loaded trunk.

I did change one thing in the recent past and now my city driving also gives me 12.5-12.8 l/100kms. My dealer has started using RAPSOL (sounds like a medicine) instead of Valvoline. I am not sure if this is to blame for the increase in mileage.

Overall, I am happy with my Grande 4x4. 8.0 is a great figure with a vehicle that size. Do NOT use that Ethanol garbage... It will decrease mileage for sure. Not enough energy per volume.

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