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Hey guys,

The Rolla I picked up a few week ago only came with one transponder key. All the others are awol :(

I have a question regarding the non transponder key (the light grey one with the chip in the head with no buttons). On the shaft of the key nearest the head is there a small dot?

I need to know this to find out which type of chip I need to get in the head of my new set. Apparently Toyota changed chip types in 2004/2005 some time. The dot present means the newer type fo chip. No dot mean the older type.

Pics attached :)

Any help would be awesome!

Cheers, Trav



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Probs wont help.

But I checked for the hell of it for you.

No dot, 04 Stivo.

Surely they can tell you from your build date on firewall?

Yeah you would think so! No dot it is. Thanks guys!

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