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G'Day All,

I got talking to an AE86 driver (sorry dood i forgot to ask your name) on the weekend and he made mention of this website so I thought I would join up also.

I'm 27 and live SOR, I like my 70's and 80's toyotas but really any car does it for me heh.

I am a Toymods member, nick is 7M-GTE MX73 on there if there are any of ya's over there too.

I have 5 toyotas atm, 3 of which are running.

1 - 1977 Toyota RA35 Celica GT - Fitted with 18RGEU - Fuel injection FTW!!

2 - 1986 Toyota MX73 Cressida - Fitted with 1UZFE - Automatic Luxo Barge (my daily)

3 - 1990 Toyota MA70 Supra - Fitted with 1UZFE - Manual Luxo Barge (my weekender/ temp track car)

4 - 1981 Toyota MA61 Celica XX GT - Currently fitted with broken 5M-GEU (mini p00), planning a 7M-GTE (uber p00) (Track hack one day ahah)

5 - 1984 Toyota MX73 Cressida - Just used for parts for my daily.

Anyway, hopefully catch ya's on a cruise sometime!


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Thanks guys.

Michaal: Yeah that vid was the first day I had it running again after 2.5years after buying it broken LOL. (A simple BHG fix turned into a find and install 18RGEU, new wiring, new thermos, new brakes, new suspension LOL)

Yeah Shahzan that was me!

Some pics of my Celica and Supra. (my other cars are plain jane boring lol)



Planning to strap a turbo onto the celica, i dont drive it often because its too slow LOL.



Planning a supercharger and 6 spd for the supra, not because its slow, just because LOL.

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If only i knew there is a few people who celebrate eid mubarak... i would have organise a early morning cruise down to river vale mosque... meet like at a place take a good group photo and than cruise down lol...

oh well... next year

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