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94 Camry....Major issues


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Hey guys

Recently got a 2nd hand car, 94 Camry.

Purchased it on 18 August

Went back in on the 19th for repairs including the car alarm going off.

Picked it up on the afternoon of the 19th.

Went for a drive on the 20th, and I lost all power when I pushed the accelerator down, car was 'hopping' and very sluggish, got to the point where I couldn't drive it, and it was towed back.

Car overheated on the 31st August, and went back again.

Now today (24th) I've had the 'no power' issue again, using the accelerator caused the car to have no power, stalling and the warning lights to falsh on and off (almost as if it was very briefly turning on and off).

I don't really want to take it back to the place I bought it from, as they've had it three or four times and it still is broken. I got a warranty (National Warranty Company) with it.

Anyone had any dealings? I'm thinking of calling them tommorow and trying to get another mechanic to do the work and charge it. Only thing I'm worried about is if I keep on having trouble, I'm going to contact Consumer Affairs and see if I can get a refund. Dont know if going to a 3rd party mechanic will go against me.

PS – The company I bought the car from also owns the mechanic, eg "Joes Car Sales" and "Joes Mechanic"

Any advice?

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The widebody camry's are known for head gasket issues and that could be whats going on with yours...

I'd be taking to another mechanic and getting their opinion of things...

Take your car to a Toyota dealer, get a full inspection carried out, let them know of your problems and go from there...

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