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What shocks for my 03 sportivo

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I bought a 2003 sportivo it's been lowered on king springs and has standard shocks. The ride is horrible so bouncy and you feel everything. What is recommended for this setup I would like the same height just a more comfortable ride any recommendations would be appreciated

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I am also very happy with my KYB Excel G's (also courtesy of Silvabullit) :toast: :toast: :toast:

Silvabulit you look like the go to man here. What should I expect performance wise with the kybs. I'm really just looking for a more comfortable ride. Will the kybs suit the lowered springs. or will they wear out like the standard shocks. I've also noticed a creaking noise coming from the rears is this due to my suspension wearing out. Getting a bit paranoid with this. Seems to only happen sometimes will moving real slowly. I sprayed a bunch of wd40 around there seemed to temporarily fix the noise problem. I've just assumedits time for new suspension setup.

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You could purchase the KYB AGX's, they may be a bit more expensive but they're adjustable and not as expensive as the Koni's. With the adjustability, you could adjust them to suit your comfort level. If you're interested, the part number are

FRONT LEFT: 734061


REAR: 741070

Hope this helps!

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