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painting body parts DIY


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hey guys

so i just got my eyelids for my aurion, and i am wanting to colour code them... my car is a diamond white aurion, has anyone got any tips for DIY spray jobs?

to my limited knowledge, i would need a primer? colour, and then clearcoat...

it is plastic material if that makes any difference...

will i need to sand before/inbetween coats (was going to apply 2 coats before i clear coat)

thanks in advance!

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Take it to a spray painter, your driving an aurion not a 1980 clunker.


thanks for the helpful advice mate, but i figured i'd try it myself first, and if i stuff it up then ill bring it to the spray painters...

anyone else have some input regarding the process?

will post up my results later tonight


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hi mate

i would recomend you take it to a painter, as the finish you get with 2pac finish can not be matched with a can... but if you want to try it heres how you go about it.

if they are plastic like you mentioned this makes your job alot easier,

materials needed:

1. solvent cleaner, like prepsol or a light thinner

2. plastic primer

3. preasure pack diamond white base coat paint

4. clearcoat paint

firstly start by cleaning the eyelids with the prepsol, making sure there is no grease or fingerprints on the lids, use one wet prepsol rag to clean and a dry rag to wipe clean.

your now ready to start painting, start by applying medium coats of plastic primer 2-3 coats should be plenty. make sure not to apply to heavy as this will have a negative affect on adhesion, remember your applying the primer as a adhesion promoter.

let the plastic primer dry as per instructions on can.

now your ready to apply your base coat, just like the primer do not go to heavy with the base coat, aim for evan mediuim coats. 2-3 coats should be enough or untill you think the eyelids are covered, again follow the cans drying times.

the last step is applying the clear coat with this coat, go alittle wetter than previous coats as you want a nice even glossy finish 2-3 coats should be good.

let dry over night and enjoy

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