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Valvetrain Noise


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Hey all, thought I'd check to see if the noise I'm getting from my engine is normal or not.

It began a week after I had my first service with Toyota. They car had already 18000+km. Anything other than light throttle induces the enging to rattle lightly. It's not pinging, or if it is then it's certainly not the destructive, engine-damaging pinging that I would worry about. At WOT you can't hear it over the normal engine and exhaust moise but driving around at mid throttle is verrrrry annoying. I'd describe it as a small popcorn machine on steroids, or the noise a shower or pins would make. Just a light, very fast crackling.

At the time when the noise started I had done no modifications bar changing the taillights and the service by Toyota was only a minor one - oil change, wheel rotation and a basic checking over.

I also get the annoying lifter tick at idle for the last 6 months or so, despite changing the engine oil. I use either 10W30 or 15W30, whichever one the FSM says to use.

So, is it normal? What could I do to reduce the noise?


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mine sort of does this at idle, it would lead me to believe that something is loose in the engine bay.. i have not investigated further as yet.

which is somewhat different to what you described... i will have a listen tonite and see if it sounds like mine of if it sounds odd

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Knowing my luck, no one else will hear it... crackling only happens under load which means you have to be driving for it to happen. I'm sensitive to hearing these kinds of noises... anything minor - brake squeaks, pinging, rattles, turbo spooling... if I ask the missus to listen she just goes 'what, I can't hear anything' :P

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Hey man, my mums yaris makes anoise underload aswell. its really anoying but it usally happens from 1-2k rpm and as the revs get higer it goes away. i asked toyota to check it out they said nothings wrong. been like this for almost 2 years no preblems with engine so i guess it could be normal with the yari engine

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