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ZRE/Pioneer audio plug harness question


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Does anyone have/know that what number is for what for the toyota stock audio harness?

i found out that the plug of my new pioneer dvd player (AVH-P4950DVD) is smaller than the plug of my existing pioneer mp3 player (DEH-P6950IB) AND they seen have different meaning on each of their colour cables (which is mean, the same colour cable in the no. 4 hole of old one is no. 9 hole in the new one).

So me and my house mate decide to take the existing pioneer harness off and reconnect the new pioneer harness to the Toyota harness (wasn't been cut).

Does anyone have any idea about the Toyota harness? like which hole is for what?

I have found service manual of my pioneer dvd player on the internet but will cost US$19....Anyone know anysite which is free?

Thanks a lot!

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I would just start from scratch and connect the new harness to the stock Toyota harness. You can easily figure out what is what with a simple multimeter and a 1.5 volt battery to determine speaker polarity.

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Okay, now i will show everyone the best way to do that.

What i and my mate did is to buy another female toyota harness.

We connect the cables of the female harness to the pioneer cables and simply plug it in.

Its done.

There is a green cable says "break" which is means the video only show up when you hit the break.

We disable it by screw it with chassis.

I will post up the Toyota factory harness set up tomorrow and my mate told me that the set up would be the same for all post-2000 model because he used to drive 2000 corolla and now 2009 aurion.

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