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show me your aftermarket dvd/gps unit or your system on Kluger


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Has anyone fitted theirs with a better system?

Also interested in this topic.....

Have searched through the forum and found some info, but would love to get some peoples experiences with their updated double DIN unit.

My wishlist:



Bluetooth for i.phone


Compatable with steering wheel controls

DVD with compatability to ALPINE overhead dvd player.


Options that I see are as follows:

Prices are before installation.


AVIC-F310BT Internet price = $850


AVIC-F900BT Internet price = $1550


Eclipse AVN2210p price = $??


Eclipse AVN4400 price / Toyota FollowME (same thing??) price = $??


Eclipse AVN726EA price = $1999??


At this stage I am thinking the Eclipse AVN4400 or the Pioneer AVIC-F310BT. Like the AVIC-F900BT due to features and that it has a very simple user-interface. The Eclipse seem to have better compatability with Toyota as I believe these are made by the same manufacturer, and should fit better.

Don't know?? Please help Gerds and KXRuising.


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i have the 4400 in my corolla. its a great unit, and we use it when we go on holidays in the pathfinder as a second gps unit too.

I looked at the pioneer detach one, but it is useless as a secondary gps unit and has no dvd either.

Price difference wasnt that much once the pioneer one had some external box built into it for the steering wheel controls and a custom wiring harness, whereas the detach eclipse one was moreorless plug and play apparently.

in my opinion tomtom has the best navigation software for useability and updateability out there. ive changed a few things on the map myself before and uploaded them to the world wide mapshare function, and have downloaded other users changes too. brilliant feature i think!

ive had a couple of different brand tv tuners in my last car (celsior), and they arent worth a penny mate. Very poor at picking up signals generally, and you just end up with wavey and staticy nonsense.

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