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My KE25 Turbo Coupe


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I bought my KE25 Coupe about a year ago, most of the things that are done to it were all ready done, but i still have big plans for it.

- Fully worked 5k Garret Turbo

- Cam

- Straight cut gear timing

- Bigport head with hardened springs and lifters

- Racing sump with high flow oil pick up+oil cooler

- Garret Turbo and blow off valve+Turbo timer

- 45mm side draft webers 32/36 jets

- High flow electric fuel pump

- Electric dizzy

- Braided lines through out

- Lightened flywheel with heavy duty ceramic clutch

- Bullet proof 5 speed gearbox

- Shortened holden LSD diff running 3.55 Gears

- 3inch mandril bent exhaust coming straight out the back of the turbo-no mufflers

- Over sized Girlock brakes-drum rear

- It also has coil over suspension in the front and heavy duty sway bar

- nolethane rubbers are new all the way through the car

It has been fully restored and has only done 140,000kms since new,

the interior has all been completely redone in black and looks soooo sick,it has guages and switches everywhere.So pretty much, its like a

brand new car in everyway, just a **** load better! Ive put some photos on this web site so if you want to have a look at the old girl,

just go my album and have a look. Thanks for taking the time to read my cars bio and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Also, if there are any cruises youd like me to be a part of in Adelaide, please tell me when and where and ill make sure that i get there. :yahoo:






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Hey guys! :D

A few of you have requested to see pics of the engine bay, im currentlly rebuilding the motor so i dont have any

really recent pics, but i do have some footage on you tube of the car, you can see the engine bay very well here.

Please note that i had a bent valve at the time so its a bit noisy!!! :help:

LOOK BELOW FOR VIDEO! wow that rhymes :clap:

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