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Trdrolla - ZZE123R Sportivo - 26th Jan

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sorry to hear mate! hope everything works out well for you

Car is back guys and looking better than ever!

Highly recommended South Penrith Smash Repair. Their attention to detail is amazing. Just need to take it back some time to get the rear glass tinted.

In addition ordered some gear for the new SQ system. Details on 1st page.

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Started the black head light surround mod today guys. Managed to get the bar and head lights out ok

but having extreme difficulties with the casing of the headlight! I spent 2 hours almost heating and slowly

knifing and prying the casing attempting to open it up but have made little progress. Im using a high powered

mini hair dryer.. Do i need more heat to loosen the glue more? and regardless of how fragile patient and gentle I am

the plastic sourrounds are getting fairly twisted and ratty. Is this normal? I'd like to see how other peoples head lights

looked during this same process.

Any words of wisdom and advice would be much appreciated!


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Dam, Unfortunately I didn't take any pics of when I was actually doing it. But you are going to find that the plastic does get really bent. When I did it, I used a cheapo heat gun from bunnings and once you get one of the corners off first(I forgot which end) the rest comes off pretty easily with some blasts from the heat gun.

But yeah, persevere! and use gloves that you don't mind throwing out. And say goodbye to your fingers hahaha

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You might find it easier to use the oven method first, to soften the whole seal rather than one bit at a time.. I think the normal given for this is done on a wooden board, @150dC for 3-4 minutes. Then start the prying game. If you find it too difficult, most bumper repair/exchange places will do it for you.

Oh, and try a wider blade too, not a screwdriver. You will minimize damage to the casing.

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Completed this today guys really happy with the over all look and the painting! Turned out a treat.

Although there are some streaks and imperfections on the INSIDE of the head light case that have just appeared which is ****ting me bad! So im taking it to a car detailing place to get them opened up AGAIN and cleaned as there is no way im doing it again. Ever.

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Spent most of today reopening and cleaning these out guys, polished both sides of the lens to make them extra shiny and remove all the blemishes and mess I made with them.

Overwhelmed with the result love it! Can't wait to get the eyelids on them now its going to be seriously one angry sportivo.

Fair call in saying that there is no person,power, being or force on this earth that could make me do this EVER AGAIN. :)







few more in the sun with no reflections.

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looks awesome, great work. i think this is the next thing on my 'to do' list :D

the ONLY thing next on your "to-do" list is the blardi come out to one of our meets! :angry::lol:

nice mod dan, make sure u seal them edges properly, otherwise u will get those water condensation inside :)

fun fun times to come! :D

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cheers guys! well with all this rain the lights have managed to stay clear and dry.

There is one tiny spot of condensation that appeared on the top left corner of the Drivers side

headlight but then disappeared after the temp heated up later in the day. I'll have to retouch that

corner with a bit of clear sealant and should be sweet as!.

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Hey guys!

Long time no post. Cars going great few little updates to add :D

So since Ill be draining the oil and coolant to install various sensors for my gauges, i figured Id give it a service with some new fluids.

The next 5000km service was only couple 100kms away anyway so worked out quite well.

As always encountered a few problems. Firstly the supplied wiring for the gauges motor sensors was far too short.. :s so i trimmed and soldered some appropriate wiring to extend the sensor harness.

Secondly the sandwich / adapter place which goes between the filter and the block has a small leak.. seems like I'm missing an o-ring somewhere according to the instructions. Shall have to track one down to size or retro-fit one as close as possible.. ;)

So for now the the plate is removed and the filter back on the block again.. after all that.. how ever the wiring and harness is now in the bay. Progress. :cool: slow. lol.



Old sump plug and new


My soldering - much improved :D

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