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Yellow wire came out of plug HELP!


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Hi all,

In need for some urgent help.

I was taking apart the head unit to do the aux mod, and after I took out the three clips from the back of the head unit, I looked back at it and there was a dangling yellow cable! I don't know what if came out of :(


I reconnected the three clips again and sealed off the yellow wire and turned the power on, and everything was working (checked each speaker, steering controls, dim lights on, a/c controls). I tried reading the audio manual but couldn't find what cable this is!

Can anyone please help me?!

Greatly appreciated.

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... turned the power on, and everything was working...

Are you sure every speaker was working? The solid yellow wire should be your rear-left speaker negative.

To find where it was meant to go, you should have made decent use of my FAQ. It's there for a reason:

Aurion audio wiring setup

Just for you, I took my head unit out and took some measurements. When you look at the car side of the wiring harness you will see three connectors. The following is in reference to it when you are looking into the socket of the plug itself. Using the colours you can reference them. For the stereo, you will only need connectors 1 and 2. If you want to integrate the steering wheel buttons through the use of an external controller, then connector 3 has been included for reference. Only the wires present have been included:


Connector 1:

1 - Light Green - Speaker: Front Right Positive (+)

2 - Pink - Speaker: Front Left Positive (+)

3 - Grey - +12v ACC

4 - Blue/Yellow - +12v Constant

5 - Blue - Speaker: Front Right Negative (-)

6 - Purple - Speaker: Front Left Negative (-)

7 - Brown - Ground

8 - Orange - Antenna Power (+12v to power antenna amplifier)

10 - Dark Green - Illumination (+12v when tail lights on)

Connector 2:

1 - Red - Speaker: Rear Right Positive (+)

2 - Black - Speaker Rear Left Positive (+)

3 - White - Speaker: Rear Right Negative (-)

6 - Yellow - Speaker Rear Left Negative (-)

Connector 3:

3 - Purple - Speed signal (used for ASL in stock unit)

6 - Pink - Steering control ground

7 - Orange - Steering control signal (for SEEK and VOL)

8 - Yellow - Steering control signal (for MODE)

Don't be fooled by connector 2. It may have thicker gauge wire and have Red, Black, and Yellow wires which are commonly used to power a head unit, but these are speaker connections only.

I hope that helps for now, and good luck.

Edit: This thread has been added to the

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Sorry I should have been more clear; I checked the manual and couldn't find where this yellow cable went, because according to the manual, the yellow cable is for rear left, and that speaker (as well as the other three) were working.

Anyway, I found the source of my problem; the car has a Nokia bluetooth handsfree set installed (I made a call and when I answered using the handsfree system, the radio wouldnt mute). I read the Nokia manual, and it says the yellow cable is to be connected to the "mute connection" on my head unit. However, in the manual it says only the premium model head unit has a mute input. This can't be right, because previously when I made calls, the head unit display would read MUTE. (Stock AT-X 2008)

Any ideas where I should put this yellow cable back into (I don't want do trial and error unless this is a last option..)?


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Sorry, that was my bad as well. I didn't notice the obvious.

I didn't look at the picture hard enough to see that the yellow wire (together with the blue red and black that I can see) is part of something external to your head unit... which you mentioned could be your Nokia hands-free. I completely ignored the fact that those loose wires were not part of your radio harness.

In that case though, lucky I brought that up because you'd be asking a question nobody can answer without further details.

As it stands at this point, without trial and error, I can't help you out there. Whoever installed this obviously found that one of the spare pins on one of the plugs acted as a mute connection and then plugged into that.

I would predict that it is on either connector F6 or F7 simply because of the size of the yellow cable and the connector at the end (which looks like a broken off connector so it would fit). In that case, you have two options... F6-9 or F7-4. Testing with a multimeter first would be advised.

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No worries.

I was too excited to fix it, so never got to read your edit. Hence, I didn't use a multimeter, but managed to fix it with on the second guess :D WOOT

For anyone who wants to know, it was F7-4 (Nice guess DJKOR(probably more intelligence than a guess :P)).

I also got the AUX to come up on the screen (was quite a nice feeling when it lit up saying "AUX" :))

Shall install the stereo plug tomorrow.


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