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Channel 10 drop Supernatural!!


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Hi all,

Just discovered that Channel 10 has dropped Supernatural......Apparently due to poor ratings performance.

I am now after an alternative to get my Supernatural FIX!!!

I cannot buy the dvd as the current season is not available for purchase, iTunes Aust doesn't have it - the US iTunes does, but I cannot access due to restrictions for downloading in Aus.

I have researched Bit Torrents and this seems to be an alternative?? But I have no clues about it and I suspect that this may be a slightly illegal way to go about it???

Does anyone currently use Bit Torrents and can share some info or have any other ideas on how to get Supernatral episodes??

Appreciate any help..

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Piracy is bad okay. But for research purposes, you can download a program called 'eMule' then go to 'tvunderground.org.ru' to obtain links. Much like torrents.

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Agree with the piracy issue and would quite happily pay for the download / streaming, but where can you do this........??

Quite frankly I don't really want to download software onto my computer that I am not familiar with??

Bloody Channel 10, have been running Supernatural sucessfully for 3+ years with a loyal fan base and decide to scrap it due to 1 poor ratings result during the 'slow ratings' christmas season.

Think I'll just wait for the DVD....

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Well, if you choose to wait, then so be it. I personally find eMule to be safe for download and spyware free and use it all the time to 'research' all my favourite TV shows.

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You sure they dropped it? A lot of American TV shows go on hiatus over the Christmas break, and since the current season still hasn't finished in the US you're not going to see a DVD release for quite a while. In fact, checking the episode list the last episode shown in the US was Nov19, and the next one isn't until Jan21 (a standard festive break). More than likely, 10 will bring it back when the silly season is over and the US starts broadcasting again.

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