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2002 Corolla Conquest wagon, Lovells help

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Does anyone have a set of Lovells low springs to suit the 2002 Corolla Conquest wagon (TRL-99 and TFL-98) that they would measure the spring lengths for me and post a reply here please.

My rear Lovells low springs are ~290mm long, factory length is ~335mm.

Factory length fronts are ~315mm .

I have not measured the Lovells low fronts yet as they are still on the car, may get a chance this weekend to measure them.

I am trying to sort out what springs were supplied and what the length dimensions should be for Lovells lows.

Maybe there is a need on this site for a list of spring manufacturers and the length of the various springs NOT installed, to get an idea of what reduction in height each spring set may give when lowering.

I did not get the amount of lowering for the front that was stated in the manufacturers data as being 30-35mm for the Lovells lows.

In my case the rear springs are approx 40mm shorter than the factory set and that was replicated when the springs were installed.

I may need front super lows to get a similar height reduction for the front ~40mm from standard.



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