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Would this wheel fit


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Hello guys,

After having some intense thought, I'll be going for 18inch wheels. For one I can get good tyres for cheaper price and comfort too. I was looking around and keen on the BBS CH style offered by PDW. They are going for cheap at a wheel place and I believe its 18x8 but my only concern is that is a +35 offset. I'm aware that the stock offset is +45. I was just wondering if this wheel would fit no problems or rub like crazy. I've been speaking to tyre places and I'm getting mixed opinions and hence, I'm relying on someone on this forums that may have some experience with this type of size wheel. I believe that the tyre size will be 235/45R18, but all opinions would be appreciated.


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You should search around these forums:

Toyota Nation - Gen 5 & 6

Due to the larger population of the Gen 6 Camry over there (which shares the same outlay as the Aurion in terms of wheels), there are many people there with all kinds of wheels.

A +35mm offset is rather common amongst those guys as it gives a more flush look.

A more generic answer from here with links to help:

This all depends on whether you plan to lower your car or not. If you do lower it, you run a higher change of it scrubbing if you don't stick close to the factory +45mm offset. If you don't lower it, you should be fine. One thread of interest:

And a link to help you plan things:

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