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Queens Birthday Cruise

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Hi guys,

I'm currently in Melbourne but am driving up to Central Coast NSW to meet a friend on the Queens Birthday weekend. My friend owns a Corolls SX (1990) and is a member of Sydney Rolla Club.

I am thinking about leaving Melbourne Saturday around noon (after work) and being at the Coast by 10pmish.

If anyone from Sydney is interested in going for a cruise on the Sunday (12th), that would be awesome! I own a 2005 Cascade Blue Sportivo; lowered, tinted.

Also, if anyone from down here in Melbourne is actually interested in cruising all the way from Melbourne to Sydney to start off, that will be a nice loooong cruise to meet up with all the guys up in Sydney - You'll have to organise your own place to stay obviously. Or sleep in the car B)

I do know Central Coast quite a bit, as I am originally from up there (moved to Melbourne in 1999). So if anyone is interested in the Sunday 12th Cruise, let me know and I'll get crackin' on locations, times (thinking of the old highway on the nice roads up to the entrance etc).

Those who wish to leave from Melbourne, prepare for a long, perhaps boring trip and stack up those 6 cd's in the Sportivo's for a loooong trip down the Hume Hwy and across Albury and on to Sydney. If you have a partner, all the better for you. I'll be bringing my g/f.

P.S: I'm 22.

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