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Third row Kluger vs Mazda cx9


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Hello everyone,

I am look for buying a 7 seat car. In my situation, My most consideration is the third row comfortable. Does anyone compare these two car before? Any suggestion will welcome.


My boys have been in the third row seats of a CX-9 before and say that our Kluger seats are more comfortable. They are easy to setup and put down. My only dislike is not being able to have a split fold third row seat.

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Sat in both. As far as comfort is concerned CX-9 wins hands down. The 3rd row seats are proper in a sense that they're contoured as in the other seats in the car. Kluger has a single piece flat bench. Backrest is pretty stiff and hard. Lucky we don't have to use it much.

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For me confort is having space, and as far as we were concerned, the spare offered in the kluger was superior! I would be more than comfortable to go travelling (6 foot by the way) in the 3rd row for several hours, interstate - maybe not - definitely locally. Cx9 would use more fuel and the front seats had a LARGE CONSOLE compared to kluger, just got the feeling it was smaller...

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