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Kahmann Power Booster

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I plan to go to the UK in 2 months from now and before I go there, I look around for the sportivo's parts. I've come accorss this small utensil.


don't know if the link is broken. anyway, anyway, this electonic supercharge claims that it pulls out 10-15 bph from normal engine. I reckon we could fit this unit immediately after the pod filter.

how it works? i think i know but not sure coz i can't read german. does it really work?? - i don't know either.

can anybody knowing german give us a hand here? :blink:

it's not very pricey so i thik it's worth trying. but before i jump into anything, i'd like to get the expert's comment on the unit and the restriction of the air flow issue.

i think that if u, guys, think this thing work - i will get the simota tube - cut it to fit the kahmann unit - if might give more punch than normal CAI but certainly it affects the roaring sound.

any comment'll be greatly appreciated. :D


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ahhh crap i just realized its a picture on the page ur interested in....

i guess u could type it all into the larger text box on the website i indicated and hit the translate button

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