JDM Corolla of a different kind.

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Allow me to present to you, the Mitsuoka Galue 2-04 & Galue Classic. Basically a converted Corolla Axio & Fielder (Now a Nouera 6-02. Used to be Accord-based.). For the recently relased Galue Classic, other than the grille, leather seat pattern & leather color choice, I'm sure sure what else is different.

Galue 2-04


Galue Classic






Nouera 6-02


Press Release>

Galue 2-04->

Galue Classic->

Nouera 6-02->

Meanwhile, on the Toyota side.



TRD GT Turbo package can now be added to both Corolla Axio (Sedan) & Corolla Fielder (Wagon) (Previously only available on the Axio, without the Turbo.). Turbo only for 1.5 1NZ-FE models though. Cars with the 2ZR-FE still can be optioned with the GT package, minus the Turbocharger.

Press Release->

Corolla Axio GT Turbo->

Corolla Fielder GT Turbo->

EDIT: Added extra info.

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That sedan and fielder look nice.. the Galue is just crazy! Looks like something from china. Weird Japanese people! :) how odd...

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