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Hi I have just got myself a 2002 camry advantage from a used car dealer in Hervey Bay,(I could not afford the Rover I wanted) anyway I havent had a car for nearly twenty years,only a work ute, so I am finding this car very comfy and I am

totally blown out by the extra bits and bobs on it.it has however got a tow ball on it and I wonder what the previous one owner towed around, there is a small gearbox cooler fitted to the front of the radiator,can anyone tell me if this is standard,also is there any way of finding out how many of this (limited addition) were made.cheers


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Hey mate.

I'd imagine the previous owner would have just used it for something like box trailers or something like that... it's just a general purpose towbar. Is it the 4 or 6 cylinder engine? From memory, the 4 cylinder was able to pull around 1 tonne... The V6 had an extra 200kg or so extra it was able to do (someone advise if that's incorrect).

The cooler next to the radiator is stock. I'm guessing Auto?

The 2002 Advantage was the last of the Gen 4 series Camrys. I remember reading that the Advantage Series had a couple of extra features that weren't normally included in most other Camrys (except for higher trim models of course). I also read that these Advantage series were made to sell off the last of the Gen 4s to make way for the Gen 5s.

How many were made? Not sure on the number, but there's not many of them around. You won't have a problem with parts or anything if that's what you're wanting to know about though :)

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Most trans coolers are fitted inside the radiators, so im gunna have an educated guess seeing as the pics shows that it is a V6, it has an aftermarket transmission cooler and a towbar, that they have been towing heavier things like a caravan etc. I would be checking to make sure there is no issues with the CV's.

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