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Thrumming noise


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Hi all.

Just a question regarding anyone who may have had this issue.

My Gen 6 late 2006 Altise had 95,000 on it when I got it in August last year.

It is an ex Budget rental and shows some damage on the front subframe left hand side

and left side skirt and left side at the base of the bumper.

I had it alligned and it drives straight, no "feelable" free play

in the wheel bearings.

However at about 65 to 70 kph it starts to get a "druming" or "thrumming" sound

in the cabin and it does spoil the driving experiance.

Also when going around sweeping laft hand curves it is even more audible along

with a "vibration" through the bottom of my right foot on the loud pedal.

I have a mechenic mate pricing wheel bearins and fitting costs.

He has driven it once about 4 months ago and said there was no danger in it.

But the bubble and strife will not ride in it and I do like her!

Like I said, I had the car alliagned and it does not have any tracking issues.

No vibration at the steering wheel or shaking under brakes.

Just hate to swap out the wheel bearings and find no change so picking

your brains gang.

Thank you all.

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Most likely wheel bearings... my celica had much the same issue... and it will get much worse if left like that... although 95,000kms seems a bit early for them to be going.

Could also be;

Buckled wheel(s)

Unbalanced wheel(s)

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Agreed sounds like bearing. Outer bearing is easy to reach and inspect,suggest you inspect these first just a matter of removing a split pin undoing a nut wobble the wheel take the bearing out and have a look if its OK, well the Inner bearing is more complicated. If unsure of putting it back together get your mechanic to do it, shouldn't cost much and if bearing is OK it can be repacked and put back in. Consider replacing brake pads if getting close to need replacing cos as you said gets a wobble when you brake which would indicate warped discs that need to be reground. In fact as you need discs done a good mechanic would inspect and replace or repack the bearings as a matter of course.

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Easy way to check is to lift the car up and spin the wheels with your hand... With your other hand on the coil spring, if the bearing is worn you will feel a vibration on that spring when spinning the wheel...

Do that to all 4 and see which one you find has the problem... Quite possible to come from the left hand side if that has been damaged previously...

Also, just a reply to the post above... These bearings can't be repacked and refitted, they're a sealed bearing that are pressed into the hub with a hydraulic press...

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I had something similar in my camry. It turned out that the wheel bearing had some play and although I didn't feel any problems under normal driving I got a tremendous rumbling throbbing sound when I went down a steep hill and applied the brakes.

It turned out that the front disk had play in it and it's looseness manifested as noise under braking and turning conditions. It actually wore out my axle. I had it replaced ( all of it from a wrecker and have driven over 100 000km more on it without trouble.)

I hope your solution is as simple.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you all.

Will post more when it is sorted to let you know.



Best Quate I got was $600.00 to remove and replace both sides of the bearings.

Will not know if it is the cause of the noise until the car is in the shop.

Have to save some sheckles.

Will let you all know when it is done and if that fixed the problem.


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