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Phat snaps!


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Ok so seeing as there are quite a few talented photog's on here that take some awsome shots of cars and driving, lets open up a thread where forum users can post photos they have taken which dont have to be car related. (landscapes/nightscapes... portraits.. anything!!)

could be used as a space for users to ask photography related questions and get user feedback on their images!!

would be great to see everyones different shooting styles and generally seeing good phhotos, and hopefully will encourage more people to post their stuff!!

post away! :)

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dont know why... but when i saw this, it just clicked as a stereotypical image in my head of what i think "England" is... so i had to take a pic.. :lol:

didnt have much time to take the shot cause it was raining at the time, so i just snapped and ran for cover.. :lol: (surprise surprise its raining in england! :lol:)



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There some pretty neat pics there fellas! here's a few from some recent holidays i took, not in the same league as you guys though :)



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Hey thats where we had the snowball fight and worked out what we was actually driving on was simply ice, greeattt day well except for a certain Maloo driver lol

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This one is funny... my sister made the mistake once of leaving a can of Pepsi in the car. During summer. Parked in the sun.

The end result? AWESOME:


Not so awesome, the fact that I was asked to clean up the mess. :D still, it makes a great picture.

This is my RAH Spawn holding a hot dog eraser. Why? I dunno... probably because hot dogs are delicious!


My cat who died T_T WHILE I WAS ON VACATION, just to make it worse. His name is Yolkmontapolkatsim, but we called him Yoko for short, or sometimes Yolk.



This one is not so clear (I had more to the series and in high rez but I lost them all >.<) but I like that you can see the pollen specks on his wings... cute :)


And finally... this one is surely the "worst" of the bunch as I took it with my phone camera, but I like the composition and reflection... so HERE YOU GO, it's my dad rolling a smoke outside a hardware store.


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