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G'day From the UK

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Hi to everyone in Sunny Aus. Well it is blindingly HOT in The UK today for a change so we are all taking the day off work and heading for what we call beaches........(a pile of gravel and a bit of water with the standard greasy man selling ice creams out of the back of a ford transit)..........aka Southend........... :lol:

Allow me to introduce myself - GORDY aka GORDYPIX - TOC Moderator over in London, England :)

Thought I'd drop by, sign up and offer my support to the sunnier side of TOC. :)

We have a lot of Friends from your side of the world as members on TOC so I thought it was about time to take a look at your forums. :D

I drive a Celica Gen 7 190 in sexy, sexy CHILLI Red - Some of you who frequent TOC may know me and the car. :D By profession I am a Photographer taking in the world of Music, club and urban lifestyle that the UK is so famous for. :D

There's always a lot going on on TOC as you may be aware and if y'all need any questions answered or just wanna hear some crazy pommes yapping about how we lost another cricket/rugby match to you guys - drop on in to TOC and say HI. :D

Have a GREAT day everyone B)

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Welcome Gordy, good to see that some English people respect Australia....hehehe (just kidding :P )

I ave visited TOCUK a few times (not posted much there though) and I know Danthuyer has a few times. There are some great cars there...

Be sure to post a few of your 'special' pictures you have taken when you get a chance. One of our guys here is a keen photographer and doesn't mind taking a few 'happy snaps' - isn't that right Shaoperazzi.... :P



Aaron :)

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