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Air Con increasing fuel consumption by 40% ?


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Hi everyone,

Have owned a 2003 Tarago for several years now - have always had what I believed was poor fuel economy in the 14-16ltrs/100km range ... even highway only.

After a fuel injector clean 2 services ago and having air flow etc sensors checked recent service, somehow managed to achieve an amazing 8.8ltrs/100km on a trip Canberra to Sydney last weekend (95 Octane, 40 PSI, cruise except hills, no air con).

Used the air con on the return journey and fuel economy jumped back to 14.5ltrs/100km - an increase of 40% ! (Same conditions 95 Octane, 40 PSI, cruise except hills, also disabling air con up hills).

Should the air con have this much of an impact? Anyone have figures for their Tarago's?

What part(s) of the air con system should I have checked / serviced / replaced to try and alleviate the issue?

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Air-con during a long trip shouldn't have that much big impact. In Aurion, it probably increases to a rough estimate up to .5-1lt/100km max!

I'm no expert in mechanical. If I were you, I'll bring it straight away for a quick look to a mechanic.

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Advetised fuel usage is highly suspect, in my opinion. But the difference you got with the aircon tiurned On and Off is surprising, especially on a long trip. You'd get more drag with the windows down too!

I recently traded in my bought-new 2008 Corolla Accent hatch auto (30Ks on the clock) for a used 2007 Tarago 2.4L GLi (done 45Ks). I had had a bought-new 2.4L 1994 Tarago for 8 years before.

I remember getting 15L/100kms on the '94 Tarago. I was getting 10L/100kms on the Corolla. I'm getting 15L/100kms on this '07 Tarago again. It's 50% heavier than the Corolla so I guess it's alright.

I got 7L/100kms on the Corolla on a trip to Melbourne last year. Airon always On, Will be doing same in July with the Tarago; will post here the results I get.

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Further to my post last week, I drove down from south Sydney to Wollongong and back earlier this week and the 300Kms total travel between top-ups was 36 litres. That's 12L/100Kms. This is my used 2006 Tarogo GLi done so far 48kKs. Considering that the "long" travel was only about ½ (150Kms) of the total distance travelled between top-ups, I reckon it's pretty good. The aircon was left On all the time.

Will be doing a Sydney Melbourne trip in July, so I will post the fuel consumption for that when I get back.

Stay tuned!

LASTLY: Anyone upgrading their alloy rims and wish to sell please contact me. My 2006 Tarago GLi takes 16 x 6.5 and PCD of 114 (same, I believe, as current up-specked Rav4s, Camrys and Corollas). They must include the original Toyota centre-cap! Of course pickup must not be too far away; I live in the St George district.

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