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[DIY] Carbon Fibre Overlay


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[Disclaimer] The following is a guide ONLY, neither myself nor TOCAU will take liability for any damages and/or flaws from following this guide, nor will we take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone elses doing. You perform the following at your own risk!!

Something I've found back in my Ozhonda days guys, I thought I might pass on the knowledge :lol:

This is a guide on how to carbon overlay parts of your car, anything from spoilers to bonnets etc.

You will need the following tools of the trade to get the job done:


* Carbon cloth (twil looks best)

* Resin

* Acetone (if u want to clean your brushes - i use cheap ones and bin them)

* Plenty of latex gloves

* Mixing pots

* Measuring jug

* Syringe (for measuring hardner)

* Masking tape

* Sharp scissors

* Some stirrers - I use wooded spatulars

* Emery cloth

* Wet n dry 400grit to 1200 grit

* And a good Polish

1. Measure up your carbon cloth for the piece to be covered. Then using the masking tape tape up both sides where you intend to cut the cloth to prevent pulling the weave then cut through the middle of the tape:


2. Prep your piece to be overlayed - it should be black, if its not spray it up first so a colour doesnt show through the weave. It also needs a rub down with emery cloth

3. Brush a thin layer of resin mixed with 1% harder over the part to be overlayed then press the carbon cloth gently into place and tape up to the rear of the part to pull it into shape. You may need to change your gloves often so you dont pull the weave. Leave it to dry for about 45 minutes:


4. Start building up thing layers of resin, you will need approx 5 layers to prevent breaking through to the cloth when sanding down. Each additional layer should be added after around 7 mins when the previous layer turns to a jelly consistency. You will now need to leave it for 1 week to fully cure:


5. you will now need to trim the excess cloth off - best tool to use would probably be a dremmel:





6. Start sanding down. work your way from 400 grit up to 1200 grit wet and dry then finish with a good quality polish for a really nice shine:




Hope you enjoy guys, It's a pretty cheap DIY although you'd probably want REAL Carbon Fibre to reduce wieght on your car lol, this is purely just for looks for those that might not want to fork out the cash for it

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Nice post - thanks for that!!

Any idea where to get the carbon mesh from?

You can buy the carbon fibre rolls from most fiberglassing shops

just ring around and you should find some shops that sell it

ask for twill cf weave though, or just buy it from this site:


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