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Light problems

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hi guys after drivign tonight i noticed that my left HID isnt working and for some reason the left parker is flickering the right side is fien and both foggys are fine. Does any one know the problem? just happened today. Also the parkers are LED's if that makes a difference. im stumped any help would be usefull.

Cheers, will

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With the HID's, does it work again when you turn it off then turn it on again after a few seconds or so? With the basic aftermarket HID kits, it can occur that one side may not ignite, or will go out shortly after turning on. This is an indication of a slightly poorer quality lamp and a HID ballast not designed with particular re-strike properties.

With all HID kits I've had, I have had the odd occasion where one side does not ignite, and to fix this, you simply turn the headlight off then on again. Turning your HID's on while stationary and waiting about 15-30 seconds before driving off is also a good idea as this reduces wear on the lamps.

The process that gets HID's started is a little bit complex in a way so if it fails to start the first time, then trying again usually does the trick. A general aftermarket ballast will usually attempt 3 times within a second to get the lamp to ignite. If this fails (or if it does ignite then goes out shortly), it will not re-attempt this until power is removed from the ballast then applied again.

It also wouldn't hurt to check the wiring to the ballast on the side that is giving you issues. A good supply of power is essential for their operation.

If when you try to turn your HID's on, it will flash quickly but never turn on, this is a good indication that your lamp may be at the end of it's life.

As for the LED parkers, flickering is a good indication of that particular LED replacement reaching the end of it's life. Cheap automotive LED's usually just have a resistor to control their current. Due to the normal fluctuations in the power supply to the LED's, they may have a tendency to wear out quicker. This is especially true when you use LED replacements that have multiple SMD LED's. As well, having them near a higher heat source like the headlights can also have an influence on this extra wear. If they are flickering, chances are you will just have to get some new ones.

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tired switching them off and on nothing happens the hid bulb doesnt even flicker just stays off.

Your HID Bulb needs to be replaced. which really sucks as new bulbs can cost upto $100. then again you might find cheaper ones on ebay for a fraction of the price.

When shopping for HID replacement bulbs, make sure you get the correct 35 Watts Xenon bulbs. Most of them are just HID look alike Halegon bulbs.

Not sure about the LEDs though..

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