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Appealling a speeding fine.


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Hey guys, well today on my way to uni i was travelling through a 25 zone into a 40 zone, some random 'security' guy with a radar (he has the authority to give fines, i checked the legislation and the murdoch university act allows it) showed me doing 45. He reckons i had that speed in the 25 zone, when i began to accelerate about 25 metres prior to the sign, i reached my top speed (45) roughly 20 metres past the 40km/h sign.

i'm planning on appealing this fine, as the guy really was dodgy, fining people for speeding while they are going into a higher speed limit zone. does anyone know anything in regards to the actual process of using a radar? doesn't it have to be on my car for 3 seconds, and it records the highest speed in that 3 seconds? cause if so then i should have been fined for doing 45 in a 40 zone (which is a caution instead of a fine). any info would be greatly appreciated in constructing my appeal, and making sure that they do not fine people when there is ambiguity as to whether they are speeding or not..

on another note, the actual fine itself is very vague, it states that i was speeding on a 'ring road', which basically is a road with 2 40km/h zones and 1 25km/h zone. it also states that i was in excess of 20km/h over the posted speed limit.

before you all start trying to whip me with the 'dont speed up till you pass the sign' guilt trip, let me tell you that i will be more careful next time in regards to this, but for now i feel that myself (and other uni students), are being fined due to the possible dodgyness or negligence of the 'officers' that enforce these rules.


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Did you have a passenger? Witness might help by 1%...

Its more of a his word against yours though... If you know the procedure for the usage of the tag gun, maybe argue he was given a false reading and what not...

Not much hope though unfortunately...

Btw a complementary comment: "Don't speed..." :P

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