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I'm Ralph. My wife and I have the 1994 Corolla seca, best looking Corolla ever made, we reckon. She's Essex white. 5-speed manual, Twin-cam, 16 valve, and Multi-point fool injected. Yes, you read right, I call fuel:fool. Because, what we are all paying for it now-a-days is criminal. We are fools, if not share-holders in the literral, highway robbery ! Don't you reckon ? I've given our Cor-racer lots of mods and heaps of T.L.C. Air filter ram pod, fog lamps, Cyclops security system, hooked up to the central locking. So we have keyless-entry. Dark black tinted window glass, very nice Volvo alloys, chrome muffler tip, and sheepskin seat covers. She's Tonka tough, just like most Toyotas, 181,000 km young and goin' super strong. Doesn't even burn a drop of the Castrol GTX2 we run in her donk. She's gorgeously fool efficient too. Don't quite know why, she does use a tiny bit of coolant though. I'm thinking about running a bottle of CHEM-I-WELD through her. It won't clog up her cooling system, as long as you start with a very clean system and water jackets. I just run a Nulon chemical flush through 'em first. CHEM-I-WELD, can be a permanent fix too. Follow the instructions to a tee, and see ! :yahoo: Our beastie must have missed out on rust proofing, at the factory though. 'cause when we bought her she was hurtin' a little bad with rust. So I rescued her and fixed it. I've fish oiled her since. I've also bought my dream German car, an '89 E-30 BMW 318i 2-door coupe, in blood red, with heaps of M3 gear in it. Top car too. So I put the Cor-racer in my wifes name for rego. Message me back, if you like. Ralph and Mel.

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