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DJKOR's Aurion - Rev. 2


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The nitty-gritty (specifications and modifications). Updated 07/04/2010:

- 2007 TRD Aurion 3500SL - Build Number 0095

- Ultra Racing front strut brace and 19mm rear sway bar

- TRD OEM replacement panel filter

- Yokohama S.drive tires

- 15-20% tint (to be changed at a later date)

- High definition aftermarket 7" OEM fit DVD/Navigation head unit

- MTX Thunder 300W RMS monoblock amplifier driving an MTX 400W RMS Sledgehammer subwoofer

- Aftermarket 8000k HID's

- LED bulb replacements for parkers, number plate, reverse light, boot light, dome light, and side door markers

- LED front and rear footwell lights (wired to replicate function of the dome light)

- Personalised plates


Now to the story:

Well for those of you who aren't familiar with my name on the forums here, I once owned a 2007 Aurion Sportivo SX6 which was Wildfire in colour. I absolutely loved it. I called her Sam. Those that do know me... the time has come. Anyways, it's story was told over in my old thread:

DJKOR's Aurion

However, due to an unfortunate event, that Aurion was written-off and I was torn inside. When it came time to decide on what I will replace her with, I knew straight away that it would be another Aurion. I had (and still have) good faith in a Toyota and the Aurion was such a great car that I couldn't imagine replacing it with anything else with the budget I have.

So I gave myself three options. Replace it with:

1) Another pre-facelift Sportivo but this time it would be a ZR6,

2) A brand new facelift Sportivo SX6, or

3) A 2007 TRD Aurion 3500SL.

I just had to get the Smart Entry seeing that I am a bit of a gadget geek, so options 1 and 3 would satisfy, but if I was to get a new car, option 2 can be a compromise.

After a fair bit of thinking, I eventually decided that the TRD Aurion 3500SL will be the replacement. I figured as well that if I am getting a TRD, I may as well get the top-spec one. Luckily for me I found one in Adelaide where I am conveniently working right now. It's like it was meant to be.

So today, all the finances were sorted out and I was able to finalise the purchase. So now I am a proud owner of a 2007 TRD Aurion 3500SL. The car is completely immaculate and well cared for. It is also Build Number 0095 for those that are interested.

As I was driving back to the hotel so I could have them park it securely, I had given the car a bit of a light push to see how it felt driving it naturally. All I can say is WOW! It has been about 25 days since the last drive of my car, so my mind was slightly void of what the feeling was like driving it.

Because of that, it was like a completely new experience driving the TRD. The amount of power is so much more noticeable compared to the one time I test drove Elgin's (Supercharged_TRD) 3500S. This car definitely has some nice pull to it. The grin on my face was so huge.

So my car is now parked securely. Because it is valet parked, I don't have access to it, so I can't just sit in it and fiddle right now. That's okay though. I'm willing to wait till I leave. It's just that good feeling to know I have it now.

To end all this, I will leave some photos here I took while it is in the carpark. They aren't all that great quality, but it's my starting point. There probably won't be any major updates for a while since I am tied down with work... but they will come in time. They will also be subtle changes. Cosmetically, this car is going to retain it's factory look. For once I am going to appreciate the way the car looks from factory.

Thanks for reading.

Daryl K




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woo hoo! Looking just like Dave's when he first got his! :rolleyes:

Congrats again Daryl! Talk about UPGRADE! :P

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Holy sh*t! That is sex on freakin' wheels Daryl! :D

I congratulate you on your latest purchase and I wish you many many happy times with the new girl. ;)

Got a name yet? :P

P.S. I want one now. :(

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Got a name yet? :P

I need to spend more time with her to get a good idea of what would suit best I think. In tradition, it must be a girl name and with a car with such a stance, this may take some deep thought.

P.S. I want one now. :(

It sure is a lovely car. Feels a million times better once you own one.

f*ck yeah... so when are we doing a nebo run d?

Give it a couple of months. I will have to re-adapt to it since it feels surprisingly different to drive. I guess I will have to head over there on my own a few times first to take it easy and get a good feel of her.

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Very nice Daryl B) ...i'm jealous big time,they look sooo sexy straight from the factory floor,i strongly agree subtle mods are the way to go with this silver gem.

btw...maybe keep a close eye on me at this years annual meet,i really wan't your supercharger and brake set up... :wub:

anyway enuff joking/dreaming,can't wait to see it or maybe even be taken for a rap in it when in Sydney.

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Daryl mate,

i like the new ride, same as Supertouring's car :D

welcome to team silver, you will soon learn that Silver is nowhere near as much maintenance as the wildfire red :D

I think you just wanted the fact you can now say that you gotz a SUPACHARGA XD

Congrats man :yahoo:


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Oh my... Nice ride buddy!!! Hahaha!!! Im also looking at getting a TRD as well. But i havent made up my mind yet... Has anybody know of anyone who has modified their stock TRD? I cant seem to find a thread that has anybody saying that their TRD has been modified.



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