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DJKOR's Aurion - Rev. 2


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So it has pretty much been forever since I have done anything to my TRD. Well yesterday (well on Monday because that's when I went in to book her in) I caved in and made the decision to get some Pedders XA Coilovers. I am yet to find my sweet spot with them but all I can say is WOW!

Driving like it is on rails is one way to describe it. I'm still finding it amazing how far it can be pushed now without losing grip. Even when pushed to the point that it does lose traction, it is easy to recover from the slide unlike before where you had to be careful not to swing the weight the other direction and unsettle it even more.

When I had them fitted, I asked for it to be dropped so the top of the tire is pretty much in line with the bottom of the guards. The before and after measurements from the ground to the bottom of the guards are as follows:

Before / After (cm)

FR: 68.5 / 66.5

FL: 69.0 / 67.0

RR: 68.0 / 64.0

RL: 68.0 / 64.0

That gives a 20mm drop on the front and a 40mm drop on the rear. One thing to note though is that this is a drop based on the TRD suspension. From previous experience, I found the TRD suspension in comparison to the Sportivo suspension sits 15mm lower in the rear and 13mm lower in the front.

So comparatively speaking, in comparison to an Aurion Sportivo, my TRD now sits 55mm lower in the rear and 33mm lower in the front. The car is pretty close to being level with the front pointing down ever so slightly.

Anyways, enough of that. Now for the pics:






How's it going, was wondering where i would find wheels like these.

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