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Kluger spare wheel cover

Souren Sinha

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I took my car in to Good Year for getting a punctured tyre repaired.

Well, first they tell me that the tyre can't be repaired because the puncture is too close to the edge and I need to get a new one - fair enough. So, I asked them how much it'll cost me...and the reply with a grinning face was "It's expensive...$680!!" and they keep grinning.

So, I told em to just put the spare tyre back in the car and I'll get it later - wasn't in the mood to spend $680 without doing some research early in the morning (Monday morning)! Well, they put it all back...but didn't tighten the spare tyre cover properly and I seem to have lost it on the road somewhere.

When I called them about it...they behaved VERY badly...not going back to them again!

Anyhow, can anyone tell me how much is that cover going to cost...and does it really matter if I have that cover or not?



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Mate, if your cover fell off, is the wheel still there?

I always take the wheel off prior to going to tyre places to ensure i do it myself and hence, i know nothing will fall off!

You can get it cheaper than that, the tyre that is, i think closer to $500 oem. or i there is a hangkock one i spotted yesterday with some nice treads!

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