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Joining the Toyota bandwagon!

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Hi there boys and gals! The names Terry and after owning quite a few Hondas throughout my P plating years ive finally gotten myself a 03 Model Corolla sportivo.

The corolla sportivo to me was just one of them cars where ive always comtemplated on getting but never really thought of ended up having one as i really never had the money but after sitting in my cousins stivo.. i knew i just had to get one. It has the comfort, luxury and speed!!

Although my love for Hondas is still very present, the corolla does have some resemblence in terms of performance, in which im talking about the lift! Lovin it after 6200rpm;D

Anyways! just thought ide say hi to the toyota community and hope to meet some of you's in the near future! If u see me cruising around dont be afraid to say hi!

Current Mods-

C-one Radiator cooling panel

C-one Strut Brace

C-one Rear pods(i think?)

BC Coilovers

TRD Front grille

TRD Black see thru petrol lid

Carbon Fibre Rear Number plate Backing

OEM JDM short stubby antenna

Mix-matched 17inch rims(which ill be replacing very soon!)

6000k HIDs and MTEC Superwhite lamps for the foggies;)

Pivot Racing shift lamp

Future mods-

TRD CAI (going in v.soon!)

Porting and polishing of my stock headers

Axle back of some sort(if your selling ur one hit me up!)





Thanks for looking!

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