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CAI in a 7th gen auto celica

m L e

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hey my gf has a 03 celica auto

i wanna put in a cai but all the 1s iv been lookin at on ebay an wot not hav said for manual celica only

i was wondering if anyone has fitted a cai into there auto celica

cheers guys

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Stop looking at cheap ripoffs and replicas on ebay.

I fitted a genuine Injen CAI in mine, no probs at all. AEM should fit as well.

Alternatively go down to a exhaust shop and get them to make one, thats bit of an unknown factor tho. Stick with AEM or Injen.


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Hey Matt. I bought my CAI off ebay. Bomz CAI. Could also have a look at this one.

Basically I bought the Bomz CAI and then used a 3A filter instead of the Bomz one. It's been running okay. No error codes or anything.

If you need any help just gimme a holla :) (Michael)

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